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Marcus N. Tarver passed away on July 8, 2020 in Lyons, Texas.  Details of his passing are not available at this time.  I am reposting a tribute expressed by Paul Aiello, his "brother from another mother".

July 9, 2020:  Last night I received word that one of my very best friends from Crawford, Marcus Tarver, had passed on. After reading the message 3 or 4 times to make sure I understood what I was reading, after the disbelief, came the questions. How? Why?

As all of you fellow Colts from 1977-1980 know, athletically Marcus was a beast! One of the strongest hitters on a football field of that era. His ability earned him a 4 year scholarship to the Univ. of Hawaii. On the basketball court, an enforcer! Instinctive in his ability to drive to the basket, get positioning for rebounds. Without a doubt, the best athlete the Crawford Class of ‘78 produced!

But Marcus was far more than an exceptional athlete. To say that he was an exceptional human being is an understatement.

We were a very diverse group of people at Crawford in those days. White, Black, Mexican, Persian, kids getting bussed in from Navy housing in Tierrasanta. We were all made to get along, and we did, and we did so at no ones direction. There was rarely ever a hint of any strife on or off campus due to one person or another’s racial makeup.

Marcus and I hit it off from day one as sophomores. We had the same common interests; I loved football, he loved football; I loved basketball, he loved basketball. But there was something way deeper about him that drew me and others to him. Despite his exceptional athletic ability, he was never arrogant. Quite the contrary; he was one of the most humble people I’d ever met. The difference in the color of our skin only made my admiration for him more profound. For me, if there were any stereotypes, he shattered them...all! He was simply a good person.

Marcus was an extremely shy and private person by nature. But if he felt trust in you he would open up. It was only after I gained his trust I learned the funny, devilish, break all the boundaries side of him. He had this unique, guttural laugh, that when you heard it, you knew it was Marcus! Marcus felt just as comfortable sitting listening to the Isley’s and the Brothers Johnson to body-whompin’ with the surfer crowd at Marine St. Stereotypes meant nothing to Marcus, he defied stereotypes and racial lines. In becoming good friends with Marcus I got to know his parents very well. They opened their house to me constantly. I got to know his siblings, Teresa and Byron. As I got to know the Tarver clan more, it became obvious why Marcus was such a good person; he came from a great family! I learned acceptance and love from them, and that color is no barrier whatsoever to people respecting and caring for one another.

I know there are a lot of Colts that have fond memories of Marcus. There are a lot of his brothers and sisters with the San Diego Fire Dept. that are hurting today. Rest assured, there aren’t many more than are hurting more than me.

To his wife and his children; I know what a devoted family man Marcus was. My heart breaks for all of you.
You are all in my prayers.

Marcus....I’m thinking of that one afternoon when Peg and I were on our honeymoon on Oahu and you were our “tour guide” for the week. Walking on a totally desolate Sunset Beach on the North one there but the 3 of us during a rainstorm. And how you couldn’t wait to get back to Honolulu. We went to Tony Roma’s for dinner that had the “all you can eat” ribs! I don’t think they ever recovered financially from that!

I love you, my man. Rest In Peace.

Paul Aiello and family

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07/10/20 08:59 AM #1    

Ken Davidson

Marcus was the most physically intimidating guy on the field at Crawford every year we were there and who didn't have a man-crush on those biceps.  But off the field, he was a genuinely nice, sincere, humble, funny, sometimes boisterous and cool guy with a great laugh.  No pretense, no attitude, just a regular guy built like Hurcules.  His sister Teresa was the sweetest and one of the quietest girls on campus.  They were obvioulsy raised right by a wonderful family.  At this time in our country, we need all of the good men we can get and we have just lost a really good one.  Our prayers are with Marcus' family.  Marcus, you will be missed. 

07/10/20 09:58 AM #2    

Aaron Forsythe

Marcus was one of the funniest guys I knew. He was very humble in all that he accomplished. I first met Marcus on the basketball team. A true stand up guy in his own right. I don't remember him ever having a bad word to say to anyone or about anyone. As Paul said, we were a very diverse campus and we did not have any isues that I can recall. We all got along as everyone should. Even in the days at Horace Mann while dancing to all genre of music in the cafeteria before school started - we all got along. Marcus will always stand as a man among men. You will be missed Marcus. Prayers to your family during this tim. 

07/10/20 10:08 AM #3    

Tim Quon

HI everyone,

I am stunned to have just read Paul Aiello's update about Marcus.  I had the great pleasure to play on the football team with Marcus for all of our 3 years at Crawford.  What Paul wrote about Marcus is right on.  He was a bit on the quiet side but once you got to know him he was a great man first and then a great athlete.   When we were in high school Marcus was the man, he could have done anything he wanted in sports.  I was so happy to see he earned the college football scholarship to Hawaii when we left high school.  Ken Davidson and I went to watch him play the Aztecs the year Hawaii came to San Diego.   After college, Marcus had a try out with the Denver Broncos.  I saw him before he left for Denver and I told him let me know if he can make the Broncos squad.   Well, a few weeks later I read in the paper he got cut.  Then about a week after that he comes walking into my work to let me know he got waived and the experience he had trying to make an NFL roster.  He told me he knew  the chances were slim that he would make the club, but he had to try.   After a few years later, I was told he joined the San Diego Fire department.  The last time I saw him a few years ago, he was working out of the fire station at 47th and Imperial.  We had not seen each other for years so I walked in the station to visit him.  We had a great visit talking about the good times at Crawford.  Marcus was a great guy and a great friend.  I always admired him.   Like Paul and Kenny mentioned, he came from a great family.  I had met his parents a couple of times and I got to know his sister  Teresa as well.    I am stunned and sad as I write this posting.   Marcus-You will be missed not only by me but by everyone who's life you touched over the years.  I guess God called you home because he needed one of the best men to talk with.   Thanks for giving me the opportunity and honor to meet you here on earth and thanks for being a great friend who I grew up with.  Much prayers to the entire Tarver family.

Love you Man.

Tim Quon

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