Can you believe its been nearly 40 years?

Teri Yeakle will begin taking monies for the reunion beginning on April 1, 2018.  The reunion will take place over 3 days,from July 27-29, 2018 at Carlton Oaks Country Club.  They only have 42 rooms and 7 bungalows available for reservations in case you plan to stay there.  There is a Crawford discount; please note that the code is C40.  Contact them directly at 619-448-4242 or online at www.carltonoaksgolf.com

What we need from you are the following questions answered:

Are you coming? and is this a certainty with more than 70% yes?

we also need to know

How many people are in your party, 1 or 2?


Please note this is NOT a venue for young children.  

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1)   * I am coming to the reunion

  maybe-over 70% sure

Please only answer in one box.
2)   * Number in your party?

  One (1) for sure! is coming
  two (2) for sure! are coming
  At least one, but still unsure of the "better half". Up in the air.
  No, I wish I could make it but I can't.

We are assuming you and/or your significant other. Please use only one answer
3)   * If we had our "druthers", what and where would you like to see the reunion?